Fostering the Potential of Our People

At Concho, our employees dedicate their time and talents to us, and in turn we invest in their growth and development. We provide our employees with extensive opportunities for professional and personal development. These opportunities provide them the knowledge and expertise they need to help build for their future. 

Enhancing the Workplace

Concho is proud to be headquartered in Midland, Texas - the center of the Permian energy industry. As our company grew, the way our teams engaged with one another evolved. We recognized an opportunity to invest in our workplace by creating the Concho Employees’ Center. Our goals were simple: to make the lives of our employees easier, enhance our company culture and encourage collaboration across our workforce. The Center includes formal and informal meeting spaces, training rooms, a cafeteria, medical facility, fitness center and childcare. By creating a campus that fits the needs of our employees, everyone wins. The physical investment has both tangible and intangible benefits. The Center improves workplace morale and productivity, which leads to higher employee retention.

Our business requires collaboration across multi-disciplinary teams. Ample meeting space is essential for nurturing communication and collaboration, which leads to innovation. Teams can engage over breakfast, lunch and coffee at all hours of the work day in one of our many informal meeting areas. By creating a variety of places for employees to work together, our culture has directly benefited. The Center generates organic opportunities for employee engagement.

The childcare facility in particular meets a unique need we face in Midland. The doors to “The Play” opened in February of 2016, and Concho is currently working on accreditation for this facility. Previously, it was very difficult for our working families to find suitable care for their children. We invested in a program and facility that made it possible for our employees to have on-site, high quality, learning-based care for their children, while they continue pursuing their careers. The Play provides our employees with an easy solution for childcare and the peace of mind of knowing their children are close by. Tuition for children at The Play is partially subsidized by Concho.

Childcare Facilities

The Play opened in early 2016 and serves as an on-site childcare facility at the Concho headquarters in Midland, Texas. Based on capacity levels, enrollment is open to all Concho Midland employee's children and grandchildren.