Protecting Our Workforce

We are committed to health and safety and to providing a responsible work setting for our employees and contractors. At Concho, we actively participate in continuously improving the health and safety performance of the Company.

Our Safety Management System is foundational to how we run our business. Composed of five interrelated components, it is in place to keep both our employees and contractors safe while on the job, to promote a culture of safety and to ensure adherence to applicable federal and state regulations. This system includes:


Compliance, injury & illness prevention programs

We comply with applicable federal and state regulations focused on employee and contractor safety.



Our strong safety program is supported by our governance and leadership structure.



We employ a continuous quality improvement model to analyze and improve our operations.



Ongoing training is provided to employees about safe work practices, regulatory guidelines, process improvements and lessons learned during incident reviews.


Contractor accountability

We hold all contract companies accountable for compliance with Concho’s master service agreement expectations for providing a safe work environment.